Tuesday, 19 June 2018

What I offer

Guitar Lessons

Natty German

My name is Nathaniel German. Friends started calling me Natty when I was young and it's been my nickname ever since.

I'm an acoustic singer/songwriter living in Cardiff. I wanted to learn how to play the guitar from an early age. When I learnt my first chords I started writing songs straight away. Some of my songs were featured on BBC Wales and can be heard on my 'original music' page. I bagan to explore other music genres and started learning songs from other artists and performing them live. I've had the opportunity to perform with many excellent musicians and learn a few tricks of the trade from them.

For the last 5 years I have performed Both in the UK and abroad as Encore Acoustic Duo
with the singer Cheryl Roberts. You can find out more about our duo (booking info) and what else I offer on my 'what I offer' page.

Learn to play acoustic guitar

I was inspired to start teaching the acoustic guitar a few years back. In gigs people often commented on my playing style and asked if I could teach them. After saying 'I don't teach guitar' in the first couple of years I started to realise that there was a very high demand for the skills to be able to just get up and play the guitar. Many people don't want to learn music notation or any theory. I soon discovered that many believe they can't learn the guitar without learning those skills. The reality is YOU CAN!

I finally decided to set up my own teaching business for those who want to learn to play acoustic guitar and teach what I felt were the neccesary skills needed to have a very good standard to perform publicly. I created my own curriculum. I found great resources online from other guitar teachers around the world. These included chord charts, play-along cd's, strumming patterns, fingerpicking patterns etc all of which I hand out in lessons as we progress through the steps.
I really started to enjoy teaching the guitar as I saw my students progress. I felt comfortable teaching my style of play knowing that it has worked well in my own music career and is working well for those I teach.

It's important to know:
By learning what I teach you, it will not slow down your learning in other areas. If you want to learn theory and do your exams at a later stage you can. What I teach is a practical hands on approach that works!

Who can learn?
I've now taught children, teenagers and adults ranging from the ages 7 - 60+
If you've learnt lots of nice songs or riffs but only know those songs and don't really understand how it works then I can help there.
I've taught those who are tone deaf and believe they have absolutely no sense of timing.

I can teach one to one or group lessons (yes group guitar lessons work to :)
Anyone who has the desire can learn how to play the guitar!

For more information please visit my 'Guitar Lessons' page or have a look through the rest of my site.

Natty German