Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Hi guys so here's the moment of truth. Please feel free to leave your comments here concerning any of my songs. Any feedback is highly valued.

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  • j.altfeld  - 550d
    ia m from germany and seeked for video movies
    made with the canon 550d. So i found your
    movie with the song with you again and i must say,
    i like this song very much!
    all the best.
  • Clare  - Website, CD and hello :)
    Hi Natty,

    Love your website it's top notch !!

    I think you are right about the more people that hear your music, the better. I feel that having heard your own written material, I want to share it with my friends and family. So... I'll buy 10 CDs - that's my xmas shopping done and dusted!

    Thanks ever so much for bringing along the Cajoin last night - it was fun, I really loved playing along with both you and Cheryl - thank you.

    Take care,


  • Karen and David Lawal  - Many Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Nat for another amazing performance at the OXJAM last month! You have a great talent and will, we are sure, go v far. We'll try and catch you at another of you're events soon. Good luck with Open Mic. take care, Karen and Dave
  • Natty German
    Thanks guys. I really enjoyed it!! Let me know if ever you need a musician for other events. I'd be happy to lend my services :)
  • Manu
    i keep on listening to your songs and they are truly great =)!!!! all the best!
  • Natty German
    Hi Laura. Thanks for the comment. I'm really happy you enjoyed the performance :)
  • Laura Jane Kelson
    Hi Natty,

    I saw and listened to you for the first time on Sunday 10th Oct at the theater in Cardiff bay.
    I thought you were fantastic. x
  • Terry Dickens  - Live perfmance at the Millenium Centre
    Hi Natty

    Inspiring interview on the radio. I didn't catch it live but am glad that it is on your website.

    Great live performance at the Millenium Centre.
    You drew drew quite a cowd but still some people don't know what they are missing.

  • stewie  - radio show :)
    hey :) ..

    loved the radio show..
    you came across really well bud!
    and sounded wonderful..

    though "I've Come Again" was lovely..

    see you soon..

  • James M Powell  - A Taste!
    Thanks Natty for your excellent music. It was really great to hear your interview on the radio, good work! ...a taste of things to come. Keep it up. Yours, James.
  • elona  - hello Natty
    I was listening your song with my friend and they said that you are so peaceful.What makes you so peaceful? Of course i have many other songs like "Changing colors" which i like and i would sing also around while doing some work.
    And something very important i feel good about this songs is that there are are only good words inside,that you can listen in every place in the family....keep working joyfully.
    all the best ...Elona.
  • Althea-Malta  - =)
    Greetings from Malta!
    this is sooo good, keep it up I am sure we will hear more of you soon...Yes. even down here =))
    ciao, all the very best !!!
  • Althea-Malta  - thanks!
    Natty, Greetings from Malta..
    thank you so much these very beautiful pieces..they sound personal to you and to us!you play and sing so well! keep it up...we'll be hearing more from you, I'm sure!
    take care, much love to your family too!
    althea corlett
  • Chris Davies  - Congrats!
    Well done Natty on this achievement. Great radio interview. All the best in the future!

    Chris D.
  • billy parkinson  - natty
    im tobys friend. the last song is the best, you remind me of jason mraz the lyrics are good and the music even better very well written, hope to see your album on the shelves soon. all the best
  • chez
    Wow what a song, you truely are a talented lyricist/ singer, love the guitar part it's really uplifting, puts you in a good mood, your voice is so easy to listen too.
    Can't wait to hear more of your songs!!!
    Goodluck for competition.
  • Toby Suda
    Natty, you are brilliant, so inspired by your interview, truely beautiful songs and played so well on radio. Lets hope you achieve more in the 5 years than you stated. I know u vision more just guessing didn't want to sound cocky. All the best to you, my brother.

  • John Fleck
    Your music was magic to my ears, sensational. Wishing you the best future, your a star in the making. I'll be waiting for more songs
  • Anonymous
    Ahhh Natty,

    Just like your dad.
  • Natty German  - Natty's happy
    Thanks a lot guys. It's really nice to hear your comments. Joanna thanks a lot for the advertisement. Right now I'd really like for more and more people to hear my music and just see what they think. So the way you're helping is perfect!! :)
    Matthew.... I'm glad you liked it, and Manu thank you for the greetings. I will pass them on to Nicole.
  • Manu  - amazing =)
    Hi Natty,

    I don't know if you remember me from any ws, but Nicole does =).

    I LOVE your music. I just listened to the interview and found all your songs amazing!

    Hearing what you said about the songs made the songs even more special =).

    You have a great, great talent =). Keep it up. =)

    Greetings from Germany (also to Nicole, please =))


    Manu =)
  • matthew huish  - great interview
    you came across really well on the air - great interview!
  • Joanna K.  - impressed!
    i listened to your interview on bbc and was very impressed. i havent really seen you for a while and to me it is truely remarkable how much you have seemed to mature - your voice has a depth i didnt hear/feel before. to me, this depth it what has the potential to make and artist a great one and i think you are on the right track! i'm not sure much support i can give your career from germany but i'll make sure you tell my friends about you:) KEEP ON GOING!! love, joanna
  • Mark Hanna  - Good Luck
    All the best with tonights performance, I'll be listening in for a pitch-perfect, plaudit-attracting performance. Can't wait, do Wales proud.
  • Natty German  - missed the interview?
    Hey Mark. I'm guessing you were in London and so couldn't catch the interview. No prob... The BBC have sent me the mp3 so I'll be posting it on my website soon.
    I hope you find it to be a plaudit-attracting performance:).

    I've had a good response here in Wales.
  • Natty German  - how to get my music
    Hey Brandon. Thanks for the comment.

    Unfortunately I don't have my songs on i-tunes at the mo... but we're working on it.
    We have however set up a similar feature on my website (in the store) where you can download the individual tracks. hope this helps.


  • Brandon  - How do I get your music?
    I looked you up on i-tunes and cannot find you. Any chance you will have your music available there soon? Absolutely loved your videos on you-tube. I am considering buying a canon t2i and just happened accross the videos because they were shot with one.
  • stewart alexander  - Howdy!
    "His Reward" is brilliant!

    Beautifully played and such gentle vocals..
    reminded me a little of Iron & Wine, always a good thing!

    Lovely lyrics and the harmonies work really well :)

    I wish you all the luck in the world Natty..

    See you soon mate
  • Natty  - Thanks
    Thanks Patrick for the feedback. Yes we are planning to update the site soon.

    And thankyou to everyone for all the nice comments!
  • Patrick  - Nice
    Hey, nice music.
    It would be nice to hear more songs from you. I saw the covers on youtube. Keep it up.

    Also i think you should update the website abit more, or start a blog.

    Tell us what you're up to these days.
  • Per Persson  - Hi Natty !
    Woow your songs are great.
    I hope I can se you and your family in the future.
    Take care of yourselfs.

    Per Persson in Sweden
  • Flora Robertson
    Hey Natty,
    just wanted to say this is really good music!talented i must say! going to buy your album sometime, keep it up :)
  • Peter Schroder
    Came again, listened to my favourite. Thanks!
  • Stephane  - Very Nice !

    Hey Natty ! how u doing ? we missed each other the very last day in spain, I couldnt say bye to you properly. Anyway, you music is sick man !
    I wish u all the best !
    see u
  • Ann Helen  - Amazing!
    Natty, I love your music! I want to get a CD soon too! You, Nicole and Lucy make such a beautiful family! Congratulations to the three of you :)
  • Nathalie / Austria  - well done!
    Well Natty, I have to say: Congrats to you and Nicole.
  • Oci  - wow cant wait to get the CD !
    wow the songs sounds great,
    cant wait to get the CD,
    hope they wont be on strike these next days !
    all the best,

    oci from vienna
  • Matthew  - can't wait to hear more
    only four tracks are available; i wanna hear more! each song has its own unique atmosphere. it's "easy-listening" but more than that... through the songs it's like i'm getting to know you, one bit at a time...
    when will the next album come out?
  • Peter Schroder  - ... just listening ...
    "I've come home" is really, really good! Thanks. Came by chance across your site. Will remember it!
  • SUNG  - the website-
    LOOKING GOOD! I was disappointed to find that none of ur patriotism came out in ur bio... come on nat- WALES!
  • Jessica,Tsai  - I really enjoy it!
    Hi Natty:
    Music has no barriers between people from different origins. I am an oriental,and inspired by your voice.The songs are so beautiful and heartistic to me. I really enjoy them and look forward to hearing more from you! All the best!
  • Gyuri Kozma  - Inspiring songs
    Hello Natty,

    I am from Hungary, so please forgive me if my English is not perfect.
    Your songs are really inspiring for me and my wife, specially the WITH YOU AGAIN...
    All it's a great job.
    Also I was very happy, that I could get the CD within 2 days from the order.
    I am looking forward to more songs and I hope once you can come to perform in my country.
  • Christian  - wow!
    Hi Natty! Didn't know you were a song writer, much less such a good one!!

    Thanks for sharing it with us. Your songs are my newest favorite songs. (And I'm not just being polite).

    Looking forward to hearing more of it! :)

  • Ron  - Great job Natty!
    Love your songs Natty and your voice is nice and soothing. I look forward to the finished site and more songs. Keep it up!
  • Jason  - soothing voice
    Yeah Ron, it's so true about Natty's voice, it's very soothing, and quite unique actually.
    There's no one else out there like him.
  • Anthony McGuigan  - thanks for being you
    The search is over something incredible and totally unpredictable has happened here
    Natty German,s new music disc has arrived, you will not be disappointed.
    Natty’s music is truly from the heart, my favourite track is “Changing Colours” really uplifting it inspires a feeling yes I can take on the world, now! today!.

    Outstanding Natty keep the music flowing please
  • Terry Dickens  - Comment
    Great songs! Good website.
  • Jason Parsons  - My feedback
    Hello Natty,

    My favourite songs on Changing Colours are His Reward, Changing Colours, and I've come Home. I especially love I've Come Home, it gives me goose bumps, especially the parts where the cello comes in, and also when the backing singer comes in. The first two times i heard this song, i cried, seriously. It really does make me think of MY early years, of where i used to live when i was a kid, and the things i did.
    You have such a unique style, and yet really good listening.
    I really hope you can make more albums, i'm sure you will.
    All the best.
    P.S. Great album design :)
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