Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Listen to My Songs

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Welsh Singer Songwriter

As well as having a large repertoire of cover songs, I love to write my own. You can listen to a few of my originals using the music player above. I have performed them live on BBC Wales several times and like to work them into my set when possible.

I started writing songs with the first few chords I learnt. With each new chord, I wrote a new song. Before long I had a large repertoire of original music (most of which I dont remember today). But the purpose was to help my guitar playing and it did just that. Sometimes all we need is enough motivation to keep us going, and song writing was mine. When helping others learn how to play guitar I often recommend they try writing their own songs. They are pushed to repeat sections of a song and naturally improve that section through repetition.


Welsh singers and bands

I live in Cardiff and often go out to listen to local singers and bands. Cardiff has a great music scene and I've been happy to be a part of it for the last few years, both through giving guitar lessons and as a performer in Encore Acoustic Duo. It's nice to see so much talent from the older generations and the young, and I'm never short of inspiration for my own songs being around them. As a singer songwriter I've had the opportunity to work with some top musicians in some of the best music venues around. I can see many more exciting years ahead.

What do I hope to acheive with my music?

I write music because I enjoy it. I write about things that mean something to me. As you can see from the other pages on this site my original music is not the main feature but it's something I'm proud to share. I hope that people can hear it and enjoy it and if they do then I'm happy.

I'm always writing and will hopefully have more original tracks added to the site soon... Stay tuned!